And Love Will Be Our Pray…

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Now I hear the singing goat , and with her I fall in love
And I  eat the food I used to hate, and the fried chili on the stove
I dress in colors, and love the green, and see it match with blue
And I dance to music, and love the beat, and  its all because of you

I guess my words will be read by you, and in a seconds will be of past
I know the feelings  for me are gone, but my love for you will last
The bed am in, where we once slept, is now soaked with tears
Do you feel my heart, the pain in my brain, the ups and downs and fears?

Happiness is all i wish to you, and it is what you want me to be
but how can i feel the happiness and smiles when you are away from me.
I want us back, like we were once, but that’s so far from real
every thing around us has now been changed, but not the way I feel.

I will sleep tonight with only one hope, and only one wish to say
“I hope one day our sun will shine, and the clouds will move away.
You are with me and smiling happily, and love will be our pray”


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