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To George In 29 years,
29 times you have turned around the sun ,
yet your precense for many around gives more warmth then the sun it self

In 10592 days , 10592 times the stars have shined in your sky,
still your smile shines brighter than the brightest summer night star

In 254208 hours, 254208 times has the clock minute indicator started from zero,
and with each start you move on and your hope in life grows bigger

In 15252480 minutes almost 1098178560 times has your heart beated,
and with each beat from your golden heart, love is born and peace spreads

In 915148800 seconds almost 244039680 times has your eyes blinked,
but even in your sleep you never take your eye of from the people you love

From 29 years you were born, and honestly I don’t know what to wish on such day …
all I would say is happy birthday with a kiss


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