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Qartaba (Arabic: قرطبا‎, also transliterated Kartaba) is a village in Lebanon, located 54 kilometres from Beirut on the mountains above Byblos at an altitude of 1250 metres.[1] A picturesque town with a large church square and well-built houses, Qartaba is surrounded by olive groves, mulberry orchards, and vineyards.[2] In Syriac, Qartaba means “good, curing and balanced weather”.
The biggest families in Qartaba are: El-Sokhn/السخن – Karam/كرم – Khoury/خوري
Qartaba was considered an important village in the Jbeil highland, a trade point for surrounding villages.[1] Silk manufacturing flourished and in 1918, seven factories employed more than 500 people and much of the silk was exported to Lyon, France.[1]

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  • Beautiful

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  • What colors… what photos! I miss our roadtrips together :-)

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  • Amazing Photos, I love the second the most.

  • omg btjneen nfsee 2zorh mrah

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